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Two Birthdays, One Weekend

(Photos by Artu Nepomuceno, you can view more from our trip on his website!)

Two nights and three days with my favorite people on earth. It honestly doesn’t get any funner than this, to be quite honest with you! It’s so hard for our group to ever go out of town all at the same time simply because people have jobs and personal lives get in the way. So when it’s possible, Gab (our “leader”) tries to plan a out of town trip with everyone. Imagine the struggle trying to complete 8-10 people for trips.

Our group has been our group ever since our senior year in college when we’d hang out during lunch breaks, and then our first out of town trip happened for Gab’s 22nd birthday and we headed to Subic for 3 nights and 4 days (originally 2 nights, but we had so much fun we called up our parents and said NOPE WE’RE STAYING ANOTHER NIGHT TO GET HAMMERED ONCE AGAIN)

Anyway. Batangas is technically where Gab’s parents are from, so naturally they have a property there (specifically in Lobo) that family and friends can vacation to. Gab’s beach house is literally at the farthest point of Batangas, and across the water you can actually see Mindoro island. It’s peaceful, remote, and the beach and marine life is absolutely gorgeous! 

So 3 days in Lobo was spent on…

  • Hours of snorkeling
  • playing games (one including paddles and balls which we named “one ball” as an inside joke)
  • the most intense game of Kemps ever (Team Miggey/Dk “The North” - they’re from QC, Team Gab/Takeshi “The Axis Forces” - German and Japanese, so go figure! then Team Camie and Shots “The Kulotz” because we both have very curly hair)
  • Round table circle of trust game where ANYTHING goes, and the sex topics got pretty embarrassing
  • Cooking struggles, hits & misses, relentless ants attacking our food while cooking
  • Moon bathing
  • Bonfires & marshmallow roasting fails
  • Slow-mo videos of things being thrown into the fire
  • Crystal hunting at night (you’d be surprised how much awesome rocks/minerals we found in the darkness with only using our iphones as sources of light)
  • Random photo shoots @ the lighthouse
  • Ghost stories and spirit sightings
  • White chocolate macadamia birthday cookie with milk
  • Influencing a young kid to skip school
  • Go-pro shots under water
  • The 3 boys “near death” experience
  • Creative group shots c/o Artu
  • Car pranks on the way home (these included water soaked tissue and throwing it at each others cars on the road - VERY DANGEROUS - DO NOT ATTEMPT!)

Too many memories, 90% of which you guys wouldn’t get because they were “had to be there” moments! Gah, how I wish I could just tell you guys every single detail but that would be such a bore!

But anyway, a friend of ours just mashed up a few go-pro videos, it’s not even the complete summary of everything we did but it gives you an idea of what we were doing… You won’t see much of me on it, except cooking in the kitchen and one jump shot into the pool (although it’s just my shadow you see) haha

Hands down, best people to go on vacations with. We’re planning our next trip around May for the Summer Siren Festival in Zambales! I’ve got my fingers crossed for that one. I don’t even care if we go to the festival or not, I just need more trips with these people! Maybe I’ll see some of you guys there? ;)