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Fotor: The Online Photo Editing Website You Didnt Think You Needed

Fotor is an online photo editing website that’s (as far as I know) the first of it’s kind, it’s useful, fun, and easy to navigate. One of the most common questions I get on ask.fm is what program I use to edit my photos. I edit my photos (usually) using Photoshop or VSCOcam for presets… But what if you don’t have access to Photoshop? What if you don’t have access to VSCOcam? Fotor is your answer. It practically has all the basics you need.

I first learned about Fotor by downloading their app about a year ago, I even featured them in a previous post of my favorite photo editing apps, although I mostly used the app for the filters. I had no idea that an online version existed until months ago when my boyfriend Gab needed to resize a bunch of photos for his nephews birthday video, and he was using Fotor to get it done. I think the photo resize feature is the most convenient when you’re in a hurry.

I finally poked around the website a few days ago myself and played around with it, here are a few noteworthy features Fotor has:

Fotor online photo editing

Photo editing feature - Resize, crop, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc etc. You can add filters (In this photo, I used Vintage Autumn), add stickers, add frames, and add fonts. I’d like to note that font choices can be from your own laptop or from the Fotor database.

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This is going to get a little emotional.

I’ve been living my days in quite a daze, lately. My situations go into extremes, I’m either really busy and enjoying life too much to bother with my blog or social media, or I’m in a slump where I’m feeling slightly depressed, and I end up spending my days on auto-pilot. I can’t ever seem to find the balance between. 

Right at this very moment, I received a Twitter DM from Katrina asking me if it was okay to post an entry she had written about me on Tumblr. I said of course. I read her post, and it instantly made my chest hurt. In a good way.

You see, lately I’ve been feeling some sort of emotional struggle about myself. I’m feeling lost. I’m questioning who I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going, and I’m feeling like despite all this, the constant good things that happen to me aren’t something I really deserve. And for some reason, these feelings were magnified today more than the others. Katrina’s post could not have come at a better time. It’s like the Universe sent out an SOS and she threw me life saver. 

And then I came to accept the truth of the matter: I had the “Imposter Syndrome”, a term which I randomly came about on the internet months before.

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their competence, those with the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. Proof of success is dismissed as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be.

— Wikipedia

I didn’t recognize it then, but looking back at all the missed opportunities because I was afraid of failing whoever I’d be working with, days where I felt so down about myself because I felt like I didn’t deserve any of the good things happening to me, and always using the phrase “I got lucky” when describing my achievements, even going as far as doubting compliments being given to me thinking people were just lying — it only started to make so much sense, I was dealing with this syndrome. And now that I’ve recognized it and have come to accept it, I can start getting better at how I deal with myself.

This has really affected me negatively, to the point where my work is getting affected by it. I want to apologize for the lack of quality posts on my blog lately. I’m working extra hard to get out of this slump and really get things back in order. I hope you guys will continue to stick around with me, because truly this blog and you guys are on my top 5 priority list. :-)

I hope everyone is having an okay Sunday, mine was spent with Gab, went to hear mass and then had dinner with his parents — which involved a little bit of talk on politics (They explained to me what the deal was on the whole DAP and President Aquino situation… You truly do learn new things everyday! Haha).

Have a great week ahead, my Wildlings <3


I don&#8217;t believe in diets &#8212; not the kinds that restrict me from really eating what I want, at least. I believe in &#8220;diets&#8221; that require eating healthy by eating clean, and eating clean is easy &#8212; just remember: no preservatives, fresh food as much as possible, take sugary fatty food in moderation and to achieve eating clean, you have to be the one to cook your food so you can trust whatever you put on your plate is actually healthy or good for you.

The Good Box PH is a home delivery service that provides you with a healthy, nutritious meal plan of your choice and convenience &#8212; 5 meals a day for 5 days. Sound great? It gets even better. You can contact their nutritionist to get a free assessment on your required daily caloric requirement for your body, which is highly essential when you&#8217;re living a healthy lifestyle paired with regular exercise.

Crissy, one of the chefs of The Good Box PH, contacted me asking if I would be interested to try out a week of meals. I&#8217;ve always been interested in these home delivery services, and so I excitedly told her I&#8217;d definitely be up for it, and if I enjoyed it, I&#8217;d gladly blog about it and tell everyone I know. Well, I&#8217;m here now with this blog entry so I guess you can tell that I did like the service overall :-)

The Good Box PH&#8217;s everyday meals were always delivered consistently on the dot at 7 AM each morning, so if you&#8217;re worried about missing delivery time because of school or work, you can be assured that it will arrive or you can opt for the day before delivery option. 

I enjoyed each meal, although some I preferred way better than the others. I honestly wasn&#8217;t that fond of the healthier versions of pad thai, because sometimes healthy also meant bland. But I most especially enjoyed meals like grilled vegetable ratatouille, and the couscous with grilled chicken. A lot of the food delivered to me were meals I&#8217;ve actually never really tried before, so it was quite refreshing to have a new meal to enjoy each day.

I also had realized that a lot of the servings for meals were a tad bit bigger than I was used to. I had some dinners where I couldn&#8217;t even finish everything on my plate because I was already feeling full. I told this to Crissy and she told me that when you&#8217;re eating right and eating clean, the calories in the food are the right kind of calories your body needs, like fuel, so you can consume more than you think you should. I always had this mindset that eating healthy always meant eating little as well. I was wrong. If you&#8217;re working out regularly, you need to put the right calories in your body, when you&#8217;re eating the right amount of calories, your body has fuel to run on and your metabolic rate increases as well.

Something I noticed when I stopped eating right during college was when I was suddenly gaining more weight, because I wasn&#8217;t eating the right food my body needed, and this eventually affected my metabolic rate. So, healthy food in the right caloric intake = faster metabolism = weight loss if paired with regular exercise. 

To be honest, though, living the freelance life means I don&#8217;t always have the budget for a service such as this. For my calorie intake of 1,500 my weekly meals would cost about 2,800 Php. It&#8217;s way over my budget. And since I work from home, I can always cook healthy for myself&#8230; But the moment I get a full-time job in retail, The Good Box PH is definitely something I am considering because I won&#8217;t have time to cook for myself anymore. Truthfully, I believe it&#8217;s worth every penny because you&#8217;re paying for the well prepared meals + convenience of not having to do any labor anymore. 

If you&#8217;re interested in trying out TheGoodBoxPH, they are currently having an on-going promo HERE &amp; HERE.
You can follow TheGoodBoxPH on Facebook &amp; Twitter for more information and updates! :-)
Happy weekend, my wildlings &lt;3


I don’t believe in diets — not the kinds that restrict me from really eating what I want, at least. I believe in “diets” that require eating healthy by eating clean, and eating clean is easy — just remember: no preservatives, fresh food as much as possible, take sugary fatty food in moderation and to achieve eating clean, you have to be the one to cook your food so you can trust whatever you put on your plate is actually healthy or good for you.

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